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Monthly Archives: November 2009

Gratitude #22 {Friends}

The kind who will stand in line with a bunch of teenagers to see New Moon on opening night… and discuss theView full post »

Gratitude #18 {Twirling}

It starts soon after one learns to walk. One twirls. Twirling is to walking as laughing is to speaking.View full post »

Gratitude #17 {Summer}

Playing with the hose never gets old, does it? Last week London wanted to turn it on. Sadly, I had to tell her summerView full post »

More from Abq…

There are some serious heartbreakers here. I’m a sucker for blue eyes!View full post »

Gratitude #16 {sleep}

I’ve been catching up on it. That’s why I missed a few days of posting…now I’m back!View full post »

Gratitude #11 {Eden}

I love her. And I love the way she loves me. Just about everything she does makes me laugh, even her tantrums. The girlView full post »

Abq mini-sessions cont’d

After four boys and a baby girl, these parents still got it!View full post »

Abq mini-sessions cont’d

Does this family have incredible eyes or what?View full post »

Abq mini-sessions cont’d

These are some other friends from college…so fun to see them with kids!!View full post »

Abq mini-sessions cont’d

You don’t have to count…there are six kids. Six fun, hilarious. awesome, fabulous kids. And two amazingView full post »

Abq mini-sessions cont’d

A charming session with a charming little lady and her mom. Doesn’t she look adorable? Like a little FrenchView full post »

More from Abq

Sometimes when you pose for a family picture, this is what you get!View full post »

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