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  • I may be biased, but this mother and daughter are absolutely breathtaking… I have been privvy to seeing in person the love that exists between them, but if I were a complete stranger, that love would be undeniable from this photo… Thank you so much for capturing that…

    And by the way, Katharine’s photo above looks like a fall catalogue cover!

    Your photography is beyond beautiful!


  • What a delightful and joyous trip your website is! There is no better way to bring happiness and smiles into your life than by sharing the joys of children at play, loving their parents and still freely seeing the world as a place without stress and wars. (all of which will come too soon) Thank you for preserving this ” Age of Innocence” once again, as it was so many years ago by Joshua Reynolds in his painting. We can hardly wait to have your little,” almost French girl” from Albuquerque, and our beloved granddaughter here in our home in South Carolina. Thank you

  • I Loved these pics – wonderful pics of Mom & daughter. You’ve really captured the feeling in the little girl & Mom’s eyes!

    Beautiful Photography!

  • WOW!!!!! I totally agree with the comment above with regard’s to the photo of the little girl, picture perfect for a fall catalog cover. The beauty and simplicity of the photo are divine. I could look at it every day and never tire of looking at that beautiful little girl.

    And, as far as mom and daughter go, you have caught a moment in time that will last forever and as any mom knows the time is fleeting. Very special.. Your work is lovely.