At Home with the Hagen Family | San Mateo Family Photographer

I know Mick and Rachel from church. He is a creator, and she is a designer. It is clear that these identities carry over into their family and home, as everything about their home is intentional. I don’t mean to say their home is custom-built–quite the contrary. This couple has always been portable and this home is no exception; they rented the house for just a year, when suddenly Mick’s job whisked them away to London this spring. When I describe their home as intentional, I mean it in the sense that wherever they live, they create a space that is designed to envelop their family values in a physical, spiritual, and emotional sense.  Not only is their home playful, colorful, and quirky; it is also a house that fosters learning, creativity, depth, and most certainly love. It comes through in the big picture and in the details. It comes through in the words displayed and the words that are spoken. It also comes through in the music that’s made and the games that are played. It comes through in the thoughts and feelings they cultivate. Sessions like this are so important to me because my goal is to document their story of family life–who they are and how they love. This is most authentically done within the heart and hearth of the home.

I shot these images shortly before the Hagens packed up and moved to London. I started out with shots of Sam while Abby was still napping, then got some sleepy snuggles with her and Mom. You can see where things went from there…I have no doubt their flat across the pond will have the same feeling this one did. These kids will grow up knowing what it feels like to be home no matter where they are! Oh, and do take notice of the extra-large canvas of the kiddos in the living room. I didn’t take that photo, but I love the fact that they made it a statement piece!



That kiss says it all, right?

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