Babies have been on my mind (and my hard drive) a lot lately. The above shots are from some recent newborn sessions I’ve done. I’m sort of embarrassed that I haven’t posted in literally months–but I have a really good reason:

This is me about 10 days ago, at 15 weeks pregnant with identical twins! Now that the first trimester sickness is gone, I’m planning to get back into gear with my photography–at least for awhile. And in case you’re wondering, here are the answers to the most common questions I get:

-Yes, we were planning to have another baby.

-No, we did not expect to have twins. We were totally shocked and thrilled.

-Yes, I feel differently with this pregnancy than with the others. I’ve been much more sick and tired.

-No, I don’t know the gender of the twins yet. I haven’t decided if I will find out at my 20 wk ultrasound. I’ve never had a surprise at the end, and I’ve always wanted to, and this may be my last chance!

-Yes, twins run in the family on my mother’s side.

It has been a lot to process, and at times I get overwhelmed thinking about taking care of two newborns and two older children. I hate to say it, but sometimes I just want them to stay inside because I’m just so afraid of how hard it will be when they are born. But when I start on that runaway train of thought, my husband reminds me, “Just remember how you felt when we found out it was twins.” And he’s right–I was thrilled. Looking at the above images, how could you not be? Twenty fingers, twenty toes. Double the sweetness. Twice the chubby cheeks. Quadruple the kisses. Infinite love.


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