Baby Boy {Bay Area baby photographer}

I love shooting newborns. Wait, that didn’t come out right. I love photographing newborns. There is something so indescribably sweet about a baby that is fresh from the womb, all curled up and sleepy, slightly wrinkly, squinty-eyed, and perfect. I think I tell every new mother that her baby is perfect, because I can’t think of another word that is better than that. And I know that mom agrees. I love watching new parents with their baby. There is tenderness like nothing else as they hold and cuddle that baby. They are captivated by every movement, every stretch, every expression, every squawk. While mom was feeding the baby, I took some shots of the nursery–I couldn’t resist, it was so lovely and serene. You can see those images here, posted on one of my favorite design blogs. Here is a sampling of some others from this shoot:

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