For Like Ever. | Maternity Shoot at Home & Baker Beach

This is one of the sweetest couples I have ever had the privilege of photographing. It’s a wonderful thing to watch a husband and wife, together for almost a decade, dote on one another so effortlessly. She calls him, “Brooksy,” a play on their last name, which is adorable and I wish there was a way to photograph that. Anyway, I think their joy in one another and in their growing family shines through in this set. A few things about the session–Molly, the mom-to-be, wanted very much to include her first “baby,” Hollis the dog. She also wanted to shoot at Baker Beach, where they often go to let Hollis play in the waves. They both grew up in Kansas and so wanted to highlight their years and home in San Francisco. Hollis had recently undergone surgery and wasn’t up for splashing in the waves, so we decided to shoot both at home and the beach. The red floral dress Molly is wearing in some of the shots was her own mom’s from when she was expecting Molly, so we documented that. Also, Molly works in makeup and her husband works in denim and those elements are there as well. Enjoy!   bay area newborn and maternity photography bay area newborn and maternity photography


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