Gratitude #4 {Sisters}

coyotepoint-16One more favorite image from that last shoot…I was saving it for this post. To me, this image is such a perfect representation of sisters. Being goofy together. Laughing together. Being safe enough to be yourselves with each other. Being each other’s best friend.

Yesterday I talked to my one and only sister on the phone. She’s pregnant, on the couch, hooked up to an IV because she’s puking so much, dishes piled in the sink, laundry in the queue, three older kids to take care of…It kills me that she lives so far away, on the East coast, and I’m not there with her. Doing her dishes. Folding her laundry. Scooping out the goldfish that died. Cleaning out the guinea pig cages (well, maybe I’m not dying to do that for her). Serving her the salt & vinegar chips that are about the only thing she’s managing to eat. Thank goodness Mom just arrived!

As hard as it has been having my two girls close in age, I’m so glad that I’ve given them the gift of each other!


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