It’s been a great month.

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I’ve posted! It’s been wonderful…decorating, baking, shopping, wrapping, sewing, stuffing–envelopes and faces, no need for distinction–giving, taking, stressing, relaxing, visiting, singing, celebrating, loving. December is an intense month. It was Eden’s birthday (a post on that later) as well as Christmas, and this year I took the time to make some homemade gifts, and practice and perform a piano solo for our church Christmas program. I was wise not to schedule client shoots in December, although a couple did happen (a reschedule from a rainy day and a friend’s new baby). A couple of notes on the photos above, starting at top left corner:

1. Christmas cards–mailed out over 100. I designed it using photos from an exchange I did with Katie Baldi. I’ll have to do another post on that too. It’s always fun for me is when clients send me their family cards with images I took!

2. I packaged up gingersnap cookies for neighbors.

3. It was London’s first year in the church Nativity presentation. She was (and is) an angel.

4. Our growing stack of Christmas books. The top one is a photo album with a Christmas picture of our family for every year since 2001 (when we were married). Every year I give a new Christmas book to each girl. This year London got Norman Rockwell’s Deck the Halls and Eden got It’s Christmas, David.

5. I gave this ornament to Tim two years ago. He was out of work and times were tough, but I wanted to remind him (and myself) that we have each other, for better and for worse.

Center: Eden was too young to be in the Nativity program this year. Afterward, however, I caught this picture of her placing little pieces of straw in the manger, I think to make a softer bed for the Baby Jesus. Of all the images I took this season, this was the most poignant.

6. Sugar cookies, for Santa. My mom used to put orange zest in the dough. I told this to London as I added it and she protested: “It’s not in the recipe!” I told her to trust me. Next time you make them, try it. Trust me.

7. The chocolate advent calendar from Trader Joe’s. This year each girl got her own. London was very disciplined and waited to open hers on the right day. Eden, with surprising fine motor skills, forged ahead with speed and dexterity.

8. Gifts under the tree. Grandma sent two very large boxes full of them. In her thank you letter, London thanked her for the box the gifts came in, so she could play in it. It never gets old, does it?

9. Child-size nativity sets. The girls love them.

10. Pretty paper and bows.

11. One of my homemade gifts: monogrammed hot cocoa mugs with hot cocoa mix and TJ’s chocolate covered minty marshmallows.

12. Pomegranates. This season I finally learned the best way to get the seeds. Check it out.


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