Our Holiday Photo Shoot

Wow. I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a month. If anyone still checks this thing, you’re in for a treat! I’ve been waiting to post these until I sent out my Christmas cards, which I finally did today. Hooray! I actually came up with the concept a few months ago, shot the pictures at the beginning of November, and designed the card a few weeks ago…but getting them printed, addressed, stamped and mailed is the less fun part. I’m glad we took these pictures when we did, seeing as my bump is about double the size now. For those interested, I rented out the Light Grid at Blue Sky studio in SF. I split the hour with a friend to cut my cost, and the half hour was sufficient. Blue Sky had a staff photographer there, and he kindly shot most of the frames that I was in, then I did the rest. It was a different experience for me, since I’m not a studio shooter, but tons of fun. Not having to worry about lighting freed us up to have lots of fun with the posing. So here is our card (front on left, back on right):

And here are some of the other fun shots we got. Obviously I didn’t spend as much time editing most of these, and I didn’t take the time to format them into a blogboard as I usually do, so don’t judge.

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