Oyler Family | Walnut Creek

This family started following my Instagram and decided to book their first professional photo session–ever–with me! No pressure, right? When I asked them a little about their family before the session, I learned from mom that that older brother “is a fun and very kind kid. His favorite thing is baseball. I want to capture him while he is still a little boy because I can see him growing up so fast! He is very good to his sister, they have a sweet relationship.” Little sister is “adventurous, spunky and girly. She loves to wear pretty things, twirl and twist her curls. She also loves to jump, climb and be crazy.” Their family, in three words, is “fun, adventurous, and extraordinary,” according to older brother. Mom adds that they are a team. I had no trouble at all portraying all of this. They were easily one of the most “fun” and “extraordinary” families I’ve ever had the pleasure of photographing! (For those who care, I shot this on both digital and film–Kodak portra 400 and Fuji 400h).

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