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I came across a fabulous publication called “Mother” featuring lifestyle articles and features with the modern, style-leaning mom in mind. What really caught my photographer eye was the archive of photo stories/interviews with some seriously stylish mamas, most of them working in creative fields. It sparked an idea to start a personal project for myself, photographing moms with their kids at home. I’ll be sharing three of these sessions this week, along with some of my thoughts on motherhood in honor of Mother’s Day!

First up is one of my good friends, Jane. She’s a mom of 3 young boys: Bowen (6), and 2-year-old twins Rockwell and Jameson. After suffering from a rare auto-immune disease that affects carrying children (she lost two stillborn babies), her sis-in-law volunteered to be her surrogate who carried the twins.  Jane also happens to be a fashion stylist and has worked with a number of big-name clients, including L’Oreal, Levi’s, and Glamour magazine. Last summer we worked together on set for Royal Velvet.

For this shoot, my goal was to capture some sweet moments of Jane and her boys in her gorgeous, eclectic Menlo Park home. Prior to the session, I asked her what some of her favorite things to do with her boys are and where they spend the most time at home to be sure I approached it with those in mind. Jane is one of the warmest, funniest, most talented, fun-loving and creative women I know. She embraces motherhood with optimism, devotion, and laughter.mom and boys in doorwaymom and boys on porch swingmom and boys on bedmom cuddling her little boywoman on bedwoman in chairmom and twin boysmom and sonmom and son cooking togetherfamily in the kitchenchild licking his fingermom cooking with toddlermom with kids in kitchenmom comforting her sonmom wiping child's face in kitchenmom and boys sharing a snacklittle boy reaching to kiss mommom and boy sharing a sodamom sharing snack with kids on porchmom playing ball with kidsfamily together on porchmom with boys in bedroommom with boys in bedroom and boy is dropping a ball through basketball hoopmom with kids on porch swingmom and kids on porch swingmom reading to kidsmom with kids through windowmom putting on boy's shoesmother and son

Here is Jane’s reaction:

“For me it was such an amazing experience because I wanted to remember that exact moment in my life.  The way my kids played in that home, the simple moments of being with them.  I have a picture from the shoot that is right next to my kitchen sink and every time I look at it is makes me so happy! I remember each of my kids’ personalities and feelings during that time.  I was nervous that they might not “pose” right or be good for the camera but the great thing about these shoots are they don’t have to be! We cooked, read books, and played…All the things they love to do with their mama! It so special to capture those moments in time–for me, and for them. As I write this I want to do it again! They really are my most favorite pictures you ever took of our family.  So real and raw and pretty.”





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