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  • Cute Cute Cute. Love the blue and brown outfits – totally matches the rocks and water.

  • I love the colors and the backdrop. I like how bright the family looks against the muted background. A couple of suggestions . . . on the 1st picture, maybe have Roger turn so you can have profile of his face–also, straighten his pants so they hang nicely. I think the kissing picture doesn’t look natural. Maybe have them turn more towards each other. I loved the dad and daughter picture. The picture of all four was also adorable!

  • What fun pics 🙂 I always love to see pics of my cute family! I can’t believe Sarah has such light hair!

  • The clothing colors were perfect for the background. The pictures are so cute it will be hard to choose your favorites I am sure!

  • The outfits really are perfect–did you just throw them together last minute? 🙂 The pictures looks so great, even on a foggy SF day!