Sisters at China Beach

Two of my favorite people to shoot at one of my favorite locations. You may recognize these girls from my masthead above. While viewing these, I was struck by the elements that tell this story–white dresses, sunset, beach…dancing, jumping, twirling, smiling, looking, holding hands, laughing, loving. It made me wonder: why haven’t I done this with my girls? I have thousands of pictures of each of them…but very few of them together. I heard myself ask them more than once today, “Why can’t you just be nice to each other?” And then, in the evening, I heard them playing together in the bathtub. They were taking turns pretending one was the mom and one was the baby. And I watched them hugging and splashing and saying “I love you” and meaning it.

People are individuals and certainly deserve individual portraits. And yet. So much of who we are is defined by our relationships: we are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, friends, lovers. Pictures tell stories, and you can’t tell someone’s story without telling who they love and who loves them. I love pictures that do that. I guess that’s why I most often photograph families.

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