Tenth Anniversary Shoot {Peninsula Couples’ Photographer}

This couple wanted to celebrate their 10-year wedding anniversary with a photo shoot–how cool! My husband and I did the same thing last year in Paris (except it was our 9th, knowing I would probably be pregnant this year). I think it’s a fabulous idea for an anniversary gift/excursion because most couples don’t get professional portraits taken together once they are married. It gives you an opportunity to remember how attracted you are to your partner and be all lovey-dovey with each other and then see what that looks like! Ladies, this may be a tough sell to your husbands. It was for mine; but it wasn’t long after the shoot that he admitted he was glad we did it, and just commented the other day how that picture of kissing at the bistro in Paris is going to show up at the 50th wedding anniversary party our kids will throw for us 🙂 Enough about me, back to this couple. The lovely bride wanted the images to have a very romantic, soft feel with a bit of a vintage look. She chose a gorgeous dress she had from her brother’s wedding and we shot at Stanford for the formal shots. Then we moved to Shoreline park for some more casual portraits with a wardrobe change. Despite some crazy traffic we encountered, I would judge the session a success!

*I know I haven’t been the best at posting frequently, but I have many shoots that I’m planning to post in the coming weeks…*

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