Three Reasons.

You don’t know what I’m going to say. It could be…three reasons why Autumn is the best season: change for the better, gathering, giving thanks. Three reasons why I go to the gym: boot camp, BOSU, babysitting. Three reasons why I want to take karate: learn alternative methods of chopping wood, be able to take out creeps, Ralph Macchio. Three reasons why Cheez-Its are better than Cheese Nips: taste alone, “cheez” with a z, “nips” could have alternative meanings. Three reasons why one should not stay up past midnight every night working on photos: grumpy mom, grumpy husband, grumpy kids.

My photography business is getting busier and busier, which is exciting, yet demanding! I really, REALLY love taking pictures. I love thinking about a shoot–planning the location, the style, the mood, the feel. I love meeting new people–grown-up and little–and capturing their personalities. I love the creative juice that flows while I’m shooting and the challenge of assessing lighting conditions, and adjusting my camera settings to deliver the look I want. I love looking at them afterward to see what I got. I love playing with them, seeing what I can do to make them look even better. I love all of it…but it all takes time.

And so, all this is to say that I’m officially booked up for 2009. And these are my three reasons:

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