Twenty Fingers, Twenty Toes

These are my babies. What an overwhelming time I’ve had these last five months. That’s probably the best single word I can use to describe it. Overwhelmed with awe, wonder, gratitude, and love. Overwhelmed with anxiety, exhaustion, pain, and fear. There have been quiet moments of peace, with two babies soothed to sleep on my chest with nothing more than the beating of my heart. There have been moments when I’m so weary I don’t think I can make it rocking and “sshh”-ing for five more minutes. There have been moments all new parents treasure, like the first smile, a tiny hand tightly wrapped around your finger, and eyes that stare back at you with adoration. And there have been moments that are unique to parents of twins, like the first time they smile at each other, two tiny hands clasped together, and two pairs of eyes that can’t let go of yours. Not long ago I was walking downtown with my double stroller and my two older daughters at my side. A woman asked me, “Are they all yours?” I answered, “Yes” and braced myself for the inevitable “You’ve got your hands full!” I’ve come to expect. Instead she said, “You are so blessed.” It’s true. Our greatest challenges in life also tend to be our greatest blessings, if we let them.

I ask you to forgive me for neglecting this blog as I’ve been tending to my newest blessings. But I’m back in the saddle and am now booking sessions again. Please email all inquiries to me at If you’re hungry for more photos of these babies and their sisters, follow me on my Instagram (@jennifercjacobson)



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  • What a great post, Jen. I love the title of it, too – so clever! Those little boys are so cute and are lucky to have such a great family to take care of them! 🙂